It’s time for the Liquid Marketer

B2B marketers come in all shades and specializations. The best of them are liquid.

So, what separates a liquid marketer from the rest?


What /who is a liquid marketer?

You’ve probably heard about the liquid workforce. Accenture defines the liquid workforce thus:

“… a liquid workforce means to organize and shape teams in such a way that they are able to rapidly adapt and change depending on the environment they find themselves in. For those in a liquid workforce, it means working in a far more dynamic, attractive and co-creating ecosystem.”

Say what you will about Accenture, their jargon game is spot on. So is their content marketing. I can’t count the number of B2B companies who aspired to market the way Accenture does, even if they weren’t in the IT or consulting business.

Since the Liquid Marketer’s blog is all about B2B marketing – it’s where I have spent the better part of my own career – I’ve been thinking about how the idea of a liquid workforce applies to B2B marketing.

Introducing the liquid marketer
Who is a liquid marketer?

I believe that when marketing went digital, marketers had to become liquid. The average B2B marketer does quite a few things: research, planning, communication, content, design, analytics. Sure, large teams have specialists. But most marketers possess and use these skills fairly well. Successful marketers have been liquid for the better part of two decades.

Liquid marketers are multi-dimensional

B2B marketers come in all shades and specializations. The best of them are liquid. They often possess the most essential of skills for marketing success – producing and marketing valuable content. A liquid B2B marketer will happily do that arduous marketing function – research, research, research. For topics, problems, keywords, channels. They will write persuasive content. And rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. In the midst of all this, they will fire up PowerPoint, or even Photoshop, for image manipulation and design. Picture… 1000 words. They will post and share. They will measure and refine. Iterations are everything.

Importantly, a liquid marketer learns. Today’s liquid marketer used to be three different people a decade ago. We didn’t get here without continuous learning. A liquid marketer can identify needs, translate needs into persuasive and compelling content, acquire audiences, and push them through the funnel towards goals.

It’s 2021. I am no soothsayer, but I will stick my neck out and make a prediction. I will even put money on it, if someone were to take me up.

Here it is. The web will continue to run on content.

The successful marketing teams of the 2010s had useful content at the center of their marketing programs. They did content (and content marketing) exceedingly well. The 2020s will be no different. But, the best of them will have liquid marketers running their ship.

It’s time for the liquid marketer to shine.

Do you have a liquid marketer in your team? Are you one? What makes you one? Let us know in the comments.

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