B2B marketing agencies charge a fortune.

Our remote B2B marketing team will deliver great marketing outcomes from $190 per month. Say no to expensive agencies and unreliable Upwork & Fiverr freelancers now!

32.5 hours

B2B founders and small marketing teams save more than 7 hours every week when they work with us. What will you do with +32.5 hours a month? Build faster, spend with family, sell, take a vacation, hire better, network, pursue a hobby?


Our small team has 42 years of B2B marketing under the belt.

liquid marketer - responsive and quick delivery


We deliver on-time. We get it right the first time 99% of the time.

liquid marketer - convenience of your own team


Start, stop, pause, continue – no complex contracts or management fees.

Our foundational B2B marketing services

Social media marketing

We will build and manage your brand’s LinkedIn presence. You’ll never have to worry about reputation, post quality, professionalism, #hashtags. We post 3 times a week.

Grow your social media presence

Email marketing

Email is the lifeblood of a B2B business. Every email is a touch point with a potential buyer. We will make it count with emails crafted for your audience and relevant to your business.

Start with a monthly email program

Email automation

Move prospects through the marketing funnel with automation. Our segmented email series will engage and nurture your leads.

Engage prospects with a welcome drip campaign

Our foundational B2B marketing program is 66% cheaper than agencies. Here is how!

No agency overheads

We are a remote-only agency. We are small. We don’t have Sales or Account Management. We are B2B marketing experts who do B2B marketing. We pass on the savings to clients.

“We do the things that cannot be automated very well. Automation is efficiency; not effectiveness.”

The liquid marketer’s blog

“We focus on the B2B marketing solids. Audience, research, content, analytics, learning!”

The liquid marketer’s blog


We optimize for LTV (lifetime value). Most of our clients operate with no or small marketing teams. They save thousands of dollars every year with us!

Circle of competence

We will take you on only if we understand your audience and product. We focus exclusively on our circle of competence and respectfully pass on everything else.

“There is no one-size-fits-all in B2B marketing. But there are certainly patterns of success!”

The liquid marketer’s blog

“At the outset, don’t look for scale; aim to experiment & measure. Don’t scale at the cost of effectiveness.”

The liquid marketer’s blog

Ease of cancellation

No contracts, no lock-ins, no notice periods. If you are not satisfied, we offer a no-questions-asked refund of a week’s fee. We are as easy to cancel as we are to begin.

Our latest articles

Take a peek into Liquid Marketer’s views on B2B marketing. No fluff. Just sound, actionable B2B marketing advice.

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We optimize for outcomes; our work is RoI focused. We keep the ball moving for B2B and SaaS founders.

Check out our pricing!

Our (shockingly low) pricing

email marketing

Email marketing

$190 per monthly newsletter

  • Targeted newsletter for you brand and audience
  • Ideal for nurturing prospects
  • Research, content, design included
  • Add another email newsletter for just $160 per month
social media marketing - linkedin

Social marketing

$390 per month for LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn page management and growth
  • 3 posts/week
  • Research, graphics, and hashtags included
  • Add another social platform for just $90 per month
email automation - drip campaigns

Email automation

$990 per drip campaign

  • 5-part welcome series
  • Research, content, design included
  • Form, landing page included
  • Automation set-up on any platform that you use

Save 32.5 hours and 66% on your agency costs now

Put your brand on the map with our foundational B2B marketing services.

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