What Is The Best Keyword Search Tool On The Web?

Categories: Blog, Keyword Research | Posted on Sep 29, 2015

best keyword search toolIf you were to break down and analyze the individual components of any search engine optimization(SEO) campaign you would realize the keyword is the most important piece of the puzzle. Sure, content is king and without quality content you can’t succeed, but part of making high quality content is incorporating trending and relevant keywords. To learn what keywords fit the bill you need to find the best keyword search tool.

The fact of the matter is that there is nearly limitless possibilities when it comes to choosing keywords or combinations of keywords (keyphrases) for your marketing efforts. As a business or website own it’s your duty to find out just what keywords are best to use for any given situation. Your keywords must attract a certain audience, from a certain location, and at a certain point in the buying cycle.

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It is possible to do all of this keyword research by yourself, but that is entirely unrealistic. Not to mention, you would be doing all of this while simultaneously trying to succeed with your SEO campaign. If you were to wait while you did the research, then the keyword you were researching would likely lose its popularity. You need to be able to find the best keywords ahead of time and use them to your advantage.

What Are Your Options?

Your first thought might be to use a completely free keyword research program. As a business owner, the idea of a free tool is very promising. You get a return without actually needing to invest any money. Unfortunately, in the real of keyword research, you always get what you pay for.

Free keyword tools are great for the novice who is just starting out with their first blog. It’s entirely possible to use these free tools to get an edge on the competition that uses no tools at all. However, it won’t help you compete with the big names. This is because these tools are limited, have very little functionality, and do nothing more than feed back results based on existing idea. If you want to succeed on a professional level, then you’ll need to invest money in a professional tool.

What Is The Best Keyword Search Tool?

Even when considering paid keyword research tools you have dozens of options. However, most professionals agree that the Keyword Research Ninja is one of the most promising new tools on the internet. It overcomes limitations set forth by pre-existing tools, such as being limited to only a single search engine and not providing enough usable data.

The Keyword Research Ninja provides an in-depth analysis according to the top 6 search engines on the web. At any time of the day and any time of the week you can input a particular search term and analyze the potential success of that keyword.

Not only does this particular program tell you what you need to know to choose the right keywords, but it does so in a way that is easy to use and understand. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to make sense of the data provided. How you use this information and whether you succeed is entirely up to you.

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